Welcome to the Book Club Forum Review Blog, which is closely connected to The Book Club Forum.

As of Jan 2013, I have to limit the review service – there are a small group of us who can work with publishers, but we’re not able to take on any other books. We’re also not accepting new reviewers at this point. Publishers, please get in contact using the form below and I can let you know what our current position is.

Authors and Publishers
To give you a little background, the forum has been running since 2005, and the blog came into being to try to collect together some of the great reader reviews being posted. I soon decided to use a core team of reviewers, which means we can usually find someone interested in your book.

The blog has around 60-80 views every day, and many of the reviews are published on twitter. Most reviews are also posted on the forum itself, and places such as amazon and librarything – although this is dependent on the individual reviewer.

If you would like to request a review, please contact me with a few details. If a physical book, please let me know where you can post to, and if an ebook, please let me know what formats you can offer. (Please note at this time we only have UK reviewers, and not many accept ebooks, but this may change over time.)

Once your book is accepted, the reviewer will try to review it as soon as possible. If you have a specific time in mind, please let us know, and we will inform you if we have a delay. We always offer an honest but balanced review.

The only compensation we receive for a review is a free copy of the book, and no money will ever be accepted. We aim to be balanced and considerate in our views, but they are always our honest opinions.

We have a great relationships with publishers and authors, and are always keen to increase our team with quality reviewers. If interested, please get in touch, providing examples of your reviews. You will be expected to log into wordpress to publish your reviews, and will need to join the forum to learn about new offers.  You will receive a free copy of the book in question, which you may keep, but in return we ask for considerate, balanced and honest reviews, written in an acceptable time frame.

Please get in touch with any specific questions.

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