Sugarcoated by Catherine Forde

When fifteen year old Cloddy’s witnesses a crime outside her dad’s shop, she’s certain it’s the work of a gang and keeps quiet, afraid for her life. Suddenly a gorgeous hunk called Stefan turns up and is unbelievably interested in her. He leaves no time to think about what she saw and sweeps her off her feet. A chilling spiral of events with an ending that will shock you!

When I requested this book from LibraryThing’s Early Review program, I wasn’t aware that it was classed as a young adult’s book. However, having read books for young adults before, which I enjoyed, I had high hopes for this one.

The writing style is fairly simple and snappy, which probably suits the intended age group.. and also makes it a fairly fast read. There are some issues that are explored, such as ‘Cloddy’ feeling the absence of her mum, who’s away in Australia, and also generally being a fairly lonely person.

However, what let down the story for me was the main character’s stupidity – she kept walking into the most obvious situations, completely unaware.. or maybe completely blinded by her need for love, at any level. I had to keep stopping, and trying to make myself think like a 17 year old, to see if that helped. Unfortunately it didn’t. Cloddy seems to have been given far too much freedom by her parents, but without the life skills, and common sense to deal with it.

The idea behind the story had great potential, and maybe today’s teenagers would find it more appealing. However, I hope that Cloddy’s character isn’t an indication of how they think today!

One redeeming feature is the ending, even though I know others haven’t liked it. I’m not sure it’s ‘shocking’, but it may not be what you expect.

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3 thoughts on “Sugarcoated by Catherine Forde

  1. Linda

    Hi Michelle,

    I found your blog while looking for YA books to read with my 10 year old daughter. Do you think she’s too young for Sugarcoated?

    We just finished a great old-fashioned mystery, a la Nancy Drew that I’d like to recommend to you. It’s called Bitter Tastes by V.B. Rosendahl and we had a great time trying to guess what would happen next. It has an 11 year old heroine, Kathy, who’s trying to fit in at her new school but can’t because of a secret he’s hiding.

    OK — I’ll leave you in suspense . . . . LOL

    Thanks for your blog — have it bookmarked for future reference.


  2. I would say that 10 is too young, as there’s some violence in this book.

    May I suggest visiting my forum ( for some more suggestions? I’m sure we’ve discussed books for various age ranges before, so you might find something useful. 🙂

  3. bloop

    I’m not entirely sure I liked Sugarcoated. ):
    It was imaginative but I found that I just couldn’t get into it.

    The storyline was far too predictable and I have to agree with you, Cloddy was incredibly, annoyingly thick.

    The ending was creative but it just left so many things unanswered, though perhaps Catherine Forde intended the ending to have that effect. Still, at the end of the book, I found myself wondering about Stefan (Stephen, Joe, Joseph…) – who he is and what he did. It was far too vague for me, haha. >.<

    It was funny at times, though. :]

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