The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

From the back of the book;

In Boston, there’s a killer on the loose. A killer who targets lone women, who breaks into their apartments and performs terrifying ritualistic acts of torture on his victims before finishing them off. His surgical skills lead police to suspect he is a physician – a physican who, instead of saving lives, takes them.

But as homicide detective Thomas Moore and his partner Jane Rizzoli begin their investigation, they make a startling discovery. Closely linked to these kilings is Catherine Cordell, a beautiful medic with a mysterious past. Two years ago she was subjected to a horrifying rape and attempted murder but shot her attacker dead. Now she is being targeted by this new killer who appears to know all about her past, her work at the Pilgrim Medical Center, and where she lives. The man she believes she killed seems to be stalking her one again, and this time he knows exactly where to find her…

Compelling and stunning read which has kept me gripped all afternoon although I have had to take several breaks from the horror of the words. This book highlighted for me how ambivalent I feel about this genre. Well written, plotted and totally engrossing however I am very disturbed by the vivid descriptions of tortured victims. I usually elect not to read or watch this kind of thing on TV as it plays on my mind and I feel slightly traumatised by the ordeal. On the other hand I would not want to miss out on such a rollercoaster ride. I love the portrayal of the characters Rizzoli and Moore, the suspense and build up are fantastic. It’s all excellent. I will read more of Tess Gerritsen but I need a good break first.

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