The Stepmother by Carrie Adams

Blurb from Amazon;

Two women are vying for position in one man’s life. Their greatest fear is each other. But there’s no point taking sides because, as they are about to find out, there are just too many. The Ex: She managed to keep her divorce amicable by burying past hurts. It cost her dear, but it’s worth it to see her three daughters so happy. Now everything is going to change. Jimmy wants to remarry. Bea worries about how the girls are going to feel having to share their father. But it’s not the children’s reaction that shocks her- it’s hers. The Girlfriend: The only thing she’s done wrong is fall in love with a man she can’t call her own. His daughters come first. No matter what. Try as she might, she can’t seem to get them to like her. She doesn’t understand. The divorce wasn’t her fault. Jimmy swears it was no one’s fault, some relationships just break down. But if that’s the case, how secure is hers?

This book is written from two perspectives. A mother of three girls, Bea, and Tessa, the ‘Stepmother’. It is a story of modern family life warts and all. Both women are deeply in love with the same man, James who ultimately has to choose between them.
Initially you are plunged into the everdyay turmoil of Bea’s life with her children and small snippets are given as to what happened to the marriage of Jim and Bea which ended ultimately in divorce. We are then introduced to delightful Tessa who tries her absolute best to learn how to deal with other people’s children full on. The author helps us to really see how difficult it can be to step into life with a man who has a ready made family.
I really enjoyed reading this book. It is well written, interesting with plenty of twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. I was completely divided as to whom I thought James should end up with. Bea or Tessa?  The suspense continues right to the end. Recommended for all those who are considering taking on the role of Stepmother!

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