Worldwide Adventures in Love by Louise Wener


“Edith’s house interested us from the beginning”

Mysterious and inviting, Jessie and Margaret are drawn to their reclusive

neighbour’s house. It offers an escape from the dreary summer of 1977 and

their fragile family life, into a world they can only dream about. When the house

suddenly burns down at the same time as their mother moves out to live with

her new boyfriend, and their father develops an unhealthy crush on a woman in

their street, life seems bleak for the girls.
Escaping the claustrophobia of family life isn’t easy, until the story of an

eccentric and beautiful female explorer from the 1930s unfolds in a series of

letters. In these letters she tells stories of far-flung places, secrets, doomed love

and adventure.  Her determination to live life to the full, risking everything cares

about, holds untold consequences for all of them.


A wonderful, wonderful book

This is the tale of a teenage girl growing up in the 70’s who is dealing with all

that that brings plus the break up of her parent’s marriage.  It is a brilliant and

perceptive portrayal of family life and also the difficulties of growing up. 

Alongside this is the story – told through letters – of a young female explorer in

the 1930’s.  At times the two lives parallel each other.  I love the way the two

stories are woven together – Louise Wener’s writing flows from one story to the

other.  I was totally engrossed and consumed by this book and consequently it

was a quick, yet thought provoking read.

LibraryThing rating: 4 ½ / 5

Other books I’ve read written by this writer:  None but will be reading more.

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One thought on “Worldwide Adventures in Love by Louise Wener

  1. happyanddandy

    I absolutely agree – it will be interesting to see the public response after the release date

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