Living With the Truth – Jim Murdoch

This seemed in some ways like a terrific modern day take on A Christmas Carol. This time we meet Jonathan, a bookshop owner who is nearing the end of his life. He meets Truth who moves in with him and shows him what he has achieved with his life and what might have been. He gets to see what would have happened if only he had spoken his mind, made different choices and shared his thoughts and feelings with others. He learns how our world is governed by Truth, Death, Reality, Peace and Destiny. Some of what he learns is uncomfortable to hear, but then Truth can’t help speaking honestly, it’s what he is. Jonathan learns that Truth really is hard to live with and that Honesty is the best policy, but is it all too late? Read this fantastic, quirky book to find out. You won’t be sorry, especially if you enjoy Pratchett/Gaimen style humour. I read there is to be a sequel. I can’t wait to buy a copy.


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7 thoughts on “Living With the Truth – Jim Murdoch

  1. Well, this was an unexpected delight to wake up to on a Friday morning. Not sure who particularly to thank – since three of your reviewers all have names beginning with K – but thank you (especially if it was from fellow Scot, Karen).

    If people want to read a sample chapter they can at:

    and if they go to the home page they can find links to a few other reviews by people who have read the book.

  2. Kehs

    Hi Jim, I didn’t expect such a quick reply to my review of your fab book! I love quirky reads and this was certainly in that genre. Any idea when the sequel will be published?

  3. Hi, Karen. Thanks for a great review. We plan to have the sequel, Stranger than Fiction, available at the end of the year.

  4. Kehs

    Thanks for letting me know, Carrie. I’ll keep an eye out for its publication.

    • A little later than planned but the sequel is now available. If you would like a copy please drop me an e-mail at with your contact details and I’ll post you out a copy.

      • kehs

        Hi Jim, I’ve just finished reading Stranger Than Fiction and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Thankyou so much for sending me a copy. Here are my thoughts on your book. Sorry for such feeble witterings, but they explain why I am a reader and not a writer. Lol!

        My Thoughts
        Jonathan Payne, a bookseller who is 50 something, is resurrected in this sequel to Living With The Truth. This is because the ‘Powers that be’ made a big mess with the universe; every person who ever lived and died has to be put back through their memories in an attempt to correct the mistakes that were made. Thus, in this tale Jonathan Payne once again meets up with Truth along with several other characters such as Death and Destiny. The whole story spins around Jonathan’s memories, but not everything is as he remembers it being. I couldn’t imagine how Murdoch was going to end this story but when it came I absolutely loved it. I finished his book with a laugh and a smile of satisfaction. I’m definitely going to look out for more books by this author.

        Murdoch has written a surreal tale, taking the reader into the realms of fantasy and sci-fi with a generous dollop of humour. An eclectic mix but one that works smoothly for this talented writer. Murdoch’s writing style reminds me of Douglas Adam and Terry Pratchett’s humour but at the same time it has its own sense of quirkiness that is unique to Murdoch.

  5. Kehs

    Thankyou for such a generous offer, Jim. I have sent you an email with my details as requested. I am looking forward to another great read from you.

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