The Secret Season – Tim Jeffreys (Audio book)

A selection of short stories, all with a menacing atmosphere and very well told by the narrators, Mia Jaye and Josh Cass.

Bones in the Meadow has a dark fairytale feel to it and is about the fate that befalls a group of young boys who are out camping.

 The Caged Sea is scarily realistic. It’s about an angry worker and his rage against society.

 The Monkey and the Munequita is slightly off the wall fantasy story and very quirky.

 Two cards on the Table is about a game of chance. It’s filled with a nightmare quality and has a dark,  brooding quality to it.

 Alice and the Scarecrow really creeped me out. Little Alice should have learnt to not be so mean before going on her picnic.

 The Secret Season finishes  this fabulous selection of dark horror tales.

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