Angels watching over me – Jacky Newcomb

Synopsis from Amazon:
The souls of our loved ones take a keen interest in our lives here on earth. “An Angel Watching Over Me” offers a glimpse into the magical stories of communication between our world and the next. These messages will bring comfort and healing to anyone who has lost someone close to them, whether recently or long ago. In this book, Jacky Newcomb illustrates the power of real-life spontaneous afterlife experiences and how they show that life goes on after we leave the physical realm. These stories have much in common with the classic angel experience, and show that the souls of your loved ones watch over you as you live your life.

My thoughts:

What a lovely book. My mother recently passed away and I was looking for something to read and this jumped out of a magazine at me and I am so glad it did. I have found so much comfort in this book that I also bought a copy for my sister, who like me, loved it.

There are some beautiful true life stories in this book as well as practical suggestions to introduce angels into your life. It also explains the  type of things angels do to let you know that they are there.


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