Over You by Lucy Diamond

Josie, Nell and Lisa go back a long way – they were flatmates, soulmates and best mates back in their twenties when life was one long party.

Five years later, things are different. Josie is married with kids in deepest suburbia, free-spirit Nell has travelled the world, and Lisa is on the path to career glory (and the salary Premiership). A reunion weekend in London seems a great idea to Josie . . . until she discovers something which will change the course of her life forever.

This is Lucy’s second book, which once again deals with infidelity, but from a very different angle. A subject that could be difficult to write about, Lucy keeps the tone just right.. the events and issues are described in a realistic and believeable way, and there’s a lightness and humour in there too.

Josie is a likeable main character, and is someone I am sure many mums will be able to identify with.. anyone who has been in any of the situations she finds herself in will see emotions they recognise. (Trying not to give too much away!) It was interesting to take Josie’s journey with her, and I found myself wanting to read just a bit more, to see where it would take her.

Touching on family, friendship, betrayal and forgiveness, but written with a light touch, this is a book that all chick lit readers should enjoy.

panmacmillan 01/08/08 £6.99 paperback

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