Monster Love – Carol Toplolski

Amazon Synopsis
Brendan and Sherilyn. A young couple in love. Each has met their soul mate, and nothing can come between them. In fact, the Gutteridges are so wrapped up in each other that their neighbours barely know them, despite the woman next door’s nosy curiosity. Their families and their work colleagues see only the perfect couple in the perfect home, the perfect car crouching in the drive. And then a baby is born – contaminating this pristine life in which there is only room for two. But they find the ideal solution. What may be one couple’s happy ending is everyone else’s indescribable nightmare…Told through the Gutteridges’ voices, and those of their families, neighbours, and those who will come across them in the aftermath, this perverse love story hurtles to the heart of evil – the evil that could be anyone’s next door neighbour.

My Thoughts

The storyline revolves around neighbours thoughts and feelings on an appalling murder committed by Sheralyn and Brendan Gutteridge. This monsterous couple lock their four-year-old daughter Samantha in a cage and leave her to die without them feeling a shadow of remorse. When I read the harrowing passage about this little girl’s death I thought I wouldn’t be able to carry on but Topolski writes very fluidly and pulls you into the bewilderment that the community feel. The book fed on my own paranoia of how well do we ever know other people. It is a very disturbing tale that is now haunting me and I can’t get the tragic images out of my mind. I did get a reprieve from the horrors it contains because the telepathic communion between the couple seemed  seemed a little far fetched . Thanks to that it took the edge off of the shocking storyline for me.  I will look out for more by the author but hopefully she’ll choose a less sensitve subject next time.

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2 thoughts on “Monster Love – Carol Toplolski

  1. ruth72

    I have this on my tbr pile, and have been nervous about starting it for reasons which are probably obvious! It does sound like an interesting read though, if an unenjoyable one.

  2. Kehs

    It’ll defintely pull you in, Ruth, but may leave an unpleasant taste. Be sure to have a fluffy read lined up for afterwards.

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