The Love of My Life by Louise Douglas

‘I miss him with every breath and heartbeat. He should have been my happy ending. Instead, he is the sad beginning to my story.’

This story begins the funeral of Olivia’s husband Luca, who has been killed in a car accident. Olivia is shattered by his death, and she moves from London to Watersford, where he is buried, as a way to stay close to him. Here she falls into a depression, and finds herself drawn to Luca’s twin brother Marc, who also seems unable to cope with his grief.

The two soon begin an affair.. Oliva seems to realise that it is a temporary way to deal with the grief that they are both feeling, but Marc seems unable to accept this. Olivia even starts to rebuild her life, by finding herself a new job, helping a professor with his research into a book.

The story begins to shift back and forth, as we discover Oliva’s life as she grew up, and her connection with both brothers, and their Italian family. I have to admit that I struggled with the idea of Olivia having an affair with her brother’s twin, but as their past is revealed, it is easier to see how this could happen.

I actually enjoyed these glimpses into the past the most, with the author painting a very believable picture of their growing up.. their families, and their relationships. I felt drawn into all of their lives.

As the book progresses, it slowly draws together the past and the present, as Olivia finds a resolution for her grief. I almost put the book aside soon after I started it, but I’m so glad I didn’t, as I would have missed a well written, touching story.

Published by panmacmillan
hardback 01/02/08 £12.99
paperback 13/02/09 £6.99

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2 thoughts on “The Love of My Life by Louise Douglas

  1. Louise

    Hi Michelle

    I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you for reviewing my book. It’s my first and it really gave me a wonderful boost to find that somebody who reads as many books as you enjoyed it.

    Thank you so much!

    Louise x

  2. Louise, it’s always lovely to hear from the authors.. thank you for dropping in. 🙂

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