Broad Street by Christine Weiser

I was very happy to get a copy of this book!  Broad Street is about a female rock group, but actually its about more than that.

Our main characters Kit and Margo have both gone through some very rought times.  They love music and decide to form an all girl rock group – however, since they haven’t been “discovered” yet – they still have to live the other side of their lives – boring jobs, paying bills and dealing with families and their disapproval.

Why does it seem so much more difficult for a woman to be a rock star?  This becomes one of the main themes of this book.  While the male counterparts manage to do one show after another without any concerns for anything else, our main characters are struggling between convincing people (including their own families) that this is a good thing and on top of all of that, they also have to worry about money, jobs and ex-boyfriends.

This book is not a lighthearted romp through the rock star world.  It is an intense, touching and sometimes depressing look at what it takes (the commitment, the cold heart and the focus) to get to the top.

It is also a very interesting statement on the differences between men and women and how they are viewed – especially in this environment.

The writing was touching and I enjoyed the fact that the characters are well developed – with everything showing!  These are hardly on dimensional characters.

This was an enojoyable (if not frustrating) read.

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