Love All by Elizabeth Jane Howard

Synopsis (taken from back of book):  The late 1960’s.  For Persephone Plover, the daughter of distant and constantly absent parents, the innocent, isolated days of her childhood are long past.  Now she must deal with the emotions of an adult world.

Meanwhile in Melton, in the West Country, Jack Curtis – a self made millionaire – has employed Persephone’s aunt, Florence, to deal with the gardens of the once beautiful local manor house, which he has acquired and renovated at vast expense.  He also has plans to start an arts festival – as a means to avoid the loneliness of the recently divorced.

Also in Melton are the Musgrove siblings, Thomas and Mary – whose parents originally owned and lived in Melton House – still trying to cope with the tragic emotional consequences of the death of Thomas’s wife, Celia . . . as is Francis, Celia’s brother, who has come to live with them and thereby, perhaps, to find his way through life.

Review:  On the whole I enjoyed this book but found that there were so many characters introduced in individual chapters that it became difficult to follow who was who.  However those characters that did stand out enough to be easily remembered provoked interest and empathy and certainly kept me reading on.  It’s a story that twists and turns and hints at one outcome before hinting at another, while also touching on many family and personal issues.

LibraryThing rating:  3½

Other books read by this writer:  None but may look out for others.

Review by JudyB

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