The Universal Crammer by Susannah Frieze

Subtitled ‘Everything you ever learned at school but have long since forgotten’, this book attempts to remind you of all those little facts, theories etc that you learnt back in the days of O levels and GCSEs.

It’s broken down into twelve subject areas, covering everything you would expect.. from English Lit to Music, Geography to Physics. The Periodic Table is in there, along with the side view of an eye, plus that diagram we all learnt.. how to wire a plug!

Each chapter covers approx 25 pages, and is broken down into small diagrams, facts, or comments. Obviously it can’t cover a whole curriculum, so the author has tried to focus on particular areas.. some I certainly remembered, others I didn’t. However, this is to be expected, as it covers a range of topics, and time range.

This is a book to dip in and out of.. I enjoyed remembering those forgotten facts and issues, and also learning a few new ones. I haven’t yet read every page, so it’s a book that I will keep going back to.

Published by Think Books, part of panmacmillan
£12.99 Hardback 17/10/08

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3 thoughts on “The Universal Crammer by Susannah Frieze

  1. rik hartshorn

    My copy contains errors. Consigned to charity shop.

    Page 213 ‘A right angle is 45°’

    [No, it’s 90°]

    Page 264 ‘Elements get their characteristics from….their molecular structure’.

    [No they don’t. Compounds do though.]

    Page 273 ‘Liquid…expands or compresses to take the shape of a container’

    [No, it deforms.]

  2. It’s a shame if it contains errors, but to me it wasn’t a text book, just a fond look back at my revision days. 🙂

  3. Cara

    Ramsay MacDonald must have had a TARDIS.
    How did Ms Frieze manage to find her way to her publisher? She must have used SATNAV because she couldn’t have used a map.
    Only on page 55 -filled with a shocking number of errors…
    How on earth did this get published?

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