Mothers Need Time Out Too by Callahan, Nolen, Schumann

The sub title of this book is “It’s Good to Be a Little Selfish – It Actually Makes You a Better Mother”, and that pretty much sums up the idea behind the book.

In the introduction, the ladies explain how the book came about, and that was the part that really caught my attention. They had read the various books out there, and had eventually turned to other mothers .. those real women, living real lives. They spent ages on questionnaires and focus groups, finding out how these women felt – and their enthusiasm is apparent.

The book is split into chapters, including looking at your relationships and support networks – with the emphasis on finding a little time for yourself.. and most importantly, not feeling guilty about it! The chapters have been designed so that you can choose to read in order, or dip into those that interest you.

What I enjoyed about this book is it’s gentle approach.. it doesn’t tell you what to do, but rather provides ideas for you to think about – the authors even say that it’s up to each individual reader to make up their own mind about what they read. It’s in a format that’s easy to read, and throughout are stories from those real mothers.

You can read more, including a sneak peek, at the official web site.

Published by McGraw-Hill Apr 08

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One thought on “Mothers Need Time Out Too by Callahan, Nolen, Schumann

  1. I love the premise of this book! Too many mothers feel they need permission to take a little time for themselves. Re-charge; it makes you a better person!

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