The Vampire’s Revenge by Raven Hart

The Vampire’s Revenge is the 5th book in the Savannah Vampire Chronicles – it’s possible to read it as a stand alone book, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You can find out more about the series, and it’s previous books here.. if you like the sound of it, I suggest you rush out and order The Vampire’s Seduction as soon as you can, because you have a lot to look forward to!

The fact that it’s part of a series makes it a difficult book to review.. you will find other reviews giving you an outline of the story, but not only will that spoil your experience of this book, but it will certainly spoil your experience of The Vampire’s Betrayal!

I will say that for those who have read the previous books.. the series continues to develop and expand at it’s usual pace. The focus is on Jack and Connie, which Jack having to make many changes.. to both his circumstances, and himself. The rest of Raven’s world continues to be revealed.. who could guss there was so much going on in Savannah!?

There were a few situations that seemed to be resolved a little too quickly, which in my opinion missed an oppertunity for a little more tension. But then again, Raven has so much going on in this world, that maybe the pace was necessary.

For those of you still waiting to pick up this series, what are you waiting for?! :0)

Overall a great addition to the series, leading nicely in book six!

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3 thoughts on “The Vampire’s Revenge by Raven Hart

  1. I love a good series, especially with vampires. I’m off to get the entire series. There is nothing like following a good story through several books.

  2. THanks, Michelle. AND thanks, Vampire Freak. πŸ™‚

  3. Amanda

    Hey i was just wondering what comes after the vampire’s revenge πŸ™‚ i loved it but i started with it first 😦 so im hoping there is another one after it! thnx!

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