Legacy of the Eldric by David Burrows

Long ago the Eldric mysteriously disappeared from the land, shortly after the Krell Wars when Drachar’s shade was finally banished from the world. Perhaps they believed the threat was gone, but in leaving they took with them their sorcery, the only effective means of defeating demons. Then came the Prophecy. Only one thing is certain in the cryptic lines, Drachar’s shade will one day return.

Legacy of the Eldric is book 1 in The Prophesy of the Kings trilogy. It offers all you would expect from a fantasy tale, with various lands and races, prophecies, creatures, demons and socery. For me, however, the strength of this book is in the writing, which is descriptive yet not over-done, plus the characters.

Each of the main characters are well written, and individual – most are likeable, whereas Vastra has just the right amount of threat surrounding him. They all represent well their own races, with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Obviously this isn’t going to have the depth found in a tale such as Lord of the Rings, but that does help to make it a highly readable book. I would recommend for those who have an interest in entering the world of fantasy, and I look forward to reading the remainder of the trilogy in time.

You can find out more, and read some samples at the web site.

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