Nightswallow by Bronwen Winter Phoenix

Title of book: Night Swallow

Author: Bronwen Winter Phoenix

ISBN-10: 1849233063

ISBN-13: 978-1849233064

Number of pages: 212 pages

Synopsis ~

‘Night Swallow is dead. A former travel journalist, she lost herself in beautiful worlds far from the London apartment where she was murdered. Following a series of dark events on an isolated island, she must face her face as she is forced to learn the ways of the spirits around her. As things start to spiral out of control, she is sucked deeper into a world she no longer recognises to battle the unstoppable force she uncovered on her travels. With help from mesmerising spirits along the way ~ Magnus, a mysterious loner; Gabrielle, an extravagant former theatre actress and Leon, an unusual librarian with a penchant for seeing the dead ~ Night has to stop her killer from destroying all that she loved. But will her unfinished business lead her to the final answer?’

I really enjoyed ‘Escaping Dreams’, Bronwen Winter Phoenix’s first novel. ‘Nightswallow’ is just as brilliantly written and engaging as ‘Escaping Dreams’ was.

‘Nightswallow’ tells the story of Night Swallow, a former journalist whose life is ended in a cruel and tragic way following her return to London after terrifying events in Thailand.

‘Nightswallow’ is narrated by Night herself, you feel her pain, fears, loneliness and her slow adjustment to her new life as a spirit. Night’s narration is interesting to read, you get caught up with her emotions and you are constantly intrigued to find out what will happen next.

‘Nightswallow’ is about life, death, love and loss, which come together as the story progresses. Bronwen Winter Phoenix does an excellent job of explaining the great unknown, what happens after you died, which as reader I took some comfort from.

‘Nightswallow’ is another triumph by the author, an excellent book which makes you think and I look forward to reading more of her work.

Rating: 10/10

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