Frozen Music by Marika Cobbold

Synopsis from Amazon: 


This tale interweaves the lives of two unusual children: Esther, whose father walked out of her London home without a word; and Linus, bullied by his father, spoiled by his adoring but eccentric uncles and aunts, and growing up in Stockholm, longing to be an architect.



Marika Cobbold wrote one of my favourite books, Shooting Butterflies, and since reading it, I have had it on my mind to find another of her novels.  I have recently stumbled upon Frozen Music, written prior to the book above.  I adored Shooting Butterflies, and Frozen Music didn’t disappoint, it was a very touching and rewarding read. 


On the most part, the novel is written from the perspective of the main protagonist, Esther.  Growing up in London, she had always been accused of taking life too seriously and had never understood what it is like to be in love.  The novel also follows the life of Linus, a passionate architect from Sweden with a difficult history.  Their lives have always touched owing to the friendship of their mothers; however their trajectory’s collide when Linus’ life’s dream comes up against Esther’s sensibilities. 


Esther is not a traditional heroine, she is a complex character but one that is easy to understand and empathise with.  The story is wholly engaging and pulls you through to the end, with enough drama and twists to keep you guessing right up to the last moment.  I found myself reaching for the tissues on more than one occasion; however this is not an unhappy book and is in dispersed with light funny moments.  It’s beautifully written, with descriptions that will stay with you long after the book is back on the shelf.  I would recommend this book to anyone that’s likes a different take on a romantic story. 




Favourite Quote:

Audrey:  “I’m not surprised to hear you say Linus isn’t your type.  You seem to have a preference for men with the kind of looks and personality that fail to engage your feelings too deeply”.

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