The Immortals (Edge Chronicles) by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

The Immortals

The Immortals

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The Immortals is the 10th book in The Edge Chronicles, a series that has somehow passed me by so far. After finishing this book, however, that is about to change.. I’ve already started one of the earlier books! The Edge Chronicles are a fantasy series for older children, although it has many fans of all ages.

This book is being marketed as the final book in the series, but also as an epic stand alone read, ideal as an introduction for new readers. This was, I admit something I wasn’t too sure about – was it really possible to step into a series at the end, and not be totally confused?

It turns out that it is completely possible, and the key to this seems to be that The Immortals is set some time into the future, with a rapidly developing world, and of course, new characters.

The world that has been created for this series is so well imagined, there are so many areas, with different ways of life, and many different creatures and characters – and yet not once did I get lost or confused. This is of course aided by the wonderful illustrations found throughout the book, especially the maps. It’s a great example of how illustrations can add to and enhance a novel.

Moving on to the book itself, The Immortals tell the story of Nate Quarter, a lamplighter from the mines, as he travels from one end of The Edge to the other. It’s a story of self discovery, set in the story of a changing world, complete with battles and revolutions. The main characters are well imagined, and well developed, to the point that I was sad to say goodbye as I finished the book.

For existing fans of the chronicles, The Immortals offers a new story, and new characters, whilst also wrapping up old stories, and bringing the series to a satisfying close. For new readers, it really is a good introduction – it’s a great stand alone read, but also hints at past events, at a level just right to encourage you to go back and explore past stories.

Published by Double Day (Random House)
5th Feb 2009
Hardback £12.99

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