Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – J.K. Rowling

Synopsis from Amazon.co.uk

Lord Voldemort is acting out in the open, continuing his reign of terror which was temporarily stopped almost 15 years ago. The press have been questioning the events at the Ministry which led to the admission of Voldemort’s return, and of course Harry’s name is mentioned a number of times. Harry’s got his problems, but his anxiety is nothing compared to Hermione’s when the OWL results are delivered. There’s a new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher, an assortment of new characters and creatures, and startling revelations about past characters and events. Accepting his destiny, Harry continues to behave as teenagers do, enjoying his time with his friends, developing his relationships outside of his usual circle, and learning more about how he must, eventually, do what he is destined to do.

My Review

This was a really enjoyable read and definitely one of the better books of the series. I could barely remember anything when I started re-reading this book, so it was almost like reading it for the first time again, and it was great! Shrouded in mystery from the very first page, it keeps you eager to read on. This book has moved on completely from the last book with regards to Harry’s stroppy behaviour, and I was very glad of that. In this book Harry moves from anger to obsession, which is much more readable, and I could feel the dread growing throughout the book, knowing that the ending would be a big one. It was both shocking and terribly sad, and makes you much more aware of what you might be going into in the 7th and last book. This book has some very powerful scenes, and a lot more character development for some of the ‘background’ characters such as Ginny, Luna and Draco, making the series so much more compelling. Rowling uses this book to pave the way for the ending and she does it very well, leaving readers eager for the final volume.


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