The Reincarnationist – M.J. Rose

Synopsis from

This is an epic thriller of secrets, history and murder. In Rome, 2007 AD: Witness to a suicide bombing, Josh Ryder walks away uninjured, but with a terrible gift: flashbacks to a past he doesn’t recognise, in centuries he’s never lived. When an ancient tomb is uncovered, a priceless relic is stolen. Realising the relic is connected to his strange memories, Ryder sets out to recover it. In Rome, 386 AD: Julius races to the burning Temple of Vesta to rescue one of the last Vestal Virgins, the High Priestess Sabina. So begins a love affair that will span the centuries as Sabina and Julius vow to protect a treasure that holds the secret of the afterlife. But danger is everywhere – in the past and in the present – and there are those who will stop at nothing to reveal the secret that could alter the course of human history forever…

My Review

This is the first time I’ve read anything by this author, and she has a fantastic writing style, she really knows how to draw you into the story right from the first page. The story is fast paced and really interesting to read, flicking between modern day and ancient Rome, as Josh Ryder is experiencing flashbacks to his past life as Julias, a priest who is trying to escape persecution. The whole plot is about reincarnation, and Josh trying to prove it exists. The book switches between the past and the present very well, and it’s easy to distinguish which period you’re reading, and you become just as attached to Julius and Sabina as you do to Josh, if not more so!

There were two things I disliked about this book though, and that’s why I’ve given it a 4/5. The first thing is the random introduction of another character who has flashbacks partway through the book. She just randomly appears and you almost feel like you’ve missed how she’s a part of the story. The second thing was the ending. I hate it when endings are left open and the storyline is not completely wrapped up. Whilst you find out the full story of Julias and Sabina in the past, the story based in the present is just left open. You don’t find out the ending to the biggest plot line, which I found kind of weird. But maybe it’s been left open for a sequel, I’m not sure.

So overall, I’d recommend this book if you like fast paced thrillers which flick between different times and storylines, however if like me, you like the story to be completely wrapped up, perhaps this isn’t for you.


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