Brave Story by Miyuki Miyabe


Young Wataru Mitani’s life is a mess. His father has abandoned him and his mother has been hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Desperately he searches for some way to change his life—a way to alter his fate.

To achieve his goal, he must navigate the magical world of Vision, a land filled with creatures both fierce and friendly. And to complicate matters, he must outwit a merciless rival from the real world.

Wataru’s ultimate destination is the Tower of Destiny where a goddess of fate awaits. Only when he has finished his journey and collected five elusive gemstones will he possess the Demon’s Bane—the key that will unlock his future.

Charity, bravery, faith, grace and the power of darkness and light: these are the provinces of each gemstone. Brought together, they have the immeasurable power to bring Wataru’s family back together again.

‘The Bravest Story Ever Told’

I will start my review by saying it took me a long time to read ‘Brave Story’, in fact I read twelve books whilst reading ‘Brave Story’ but I can honestly say I am really glad I read ‘Brave Story’.

‘Brave Story’ tells the story of Wataru Mitani, a ten year old boy whose life is turned upside down in more ways than one, Wataru finds himself very much alone and confused, so Wataru’s story begins.

‘Brave Story’, despite the time it took me to read, is a joy to read. The collective of characters are amazingly well written and to me, well loved, you can tell how much pleasure it gave the author to share this story. I found myself becoming protective of Wataru and I was glad he had friends like Kee Keema, Meena and Kutz looking after him.

There are various themes within ‘Brave Story’ which are relevant to the reader, there is something for everyone to identify with but it is told in such a way, you learn something from it.

All in all ‘Brave Story’ is a excellent story, wonderfully vibrant and colourful, you feel like you are sharing Wataru’s adventure.

I was sorry to leave Wataru.

I also loved this quote from the book ~

‘Vesna Esta Holicia, until you shine again, into vision, into the real world. Though a child of man knows time, life itself is eternal’

Highly recommended, a lovely book to read and share.


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