The Mom Squad by Christine Weiser

Title of book: The Mom Squad

Name of Author: Christine Weiser

Synopsis ~

The Mom Squad is a mystery about a former up and coming rock star turned reluctant stay-at-home mom who stumbles upon a case of citywide corruption in Philadelphia. Enlisting the help of her playgroup moms, she juggles a toddler, a cantankerous stepdaughter, and an absentee husband in order to solve the murder that seems tied to the mayoral election ~ and possibly the husbands of her playgroup moms.

‘The Mom Squad’ tells the story of Maya D’Angelo, former back up singer to her now husband, Nick’s band, ‘The Plague’, Maya was formerly a rock chick, now she is a stay at home Mom and misses her old life, she misses being the person she was, she used to discuss music, politics, now she is talking about gymboree classes and how to get rid of stains from her two year old daughter, Charlotte’s clothes, along with her playgroup moms, Susan (slightly scary mom of Austin) and Rachel (sweet but determined mom of Jacob) until they all stumble into a world of corruption and mystery.

I really enjoyed ‘The Mom Squad’, I thought Maya was a really funny character, she had so much to cope with but managed to keep smiling, her quick wit and confidence in herself (at certain points) really shone through but at the same time, you shared her insecurities and regrets. Maya’s love for her daughter Charlotte was shown strongly throughout the book, also her conflicting emotions over her step~daughter, Gracie, were presented strongly too, Gracie and Maya are both strong characters, you could feel the strain of their relationship but Maya does love Gracie.

The relationship between Maya, Susan and Rachel is a warm but cautious one,they only know each other as moms, can they trust each other? but as the story develops you see them more as women and not just as moms.

‘The Mom Squad’ is a very vivid story set in Philadelphia, the city is so well projected by the author that you feel you are with the ladies.

Ultimately ‘The Mom Squad’ is about friendship, love, motherhood, family issues and everything else that goes with family life, whilst at the same time an excellent mystery which you will want to solve. An very intriguing story I found and hopefully there will be a sequel.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 10/10

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