Doctor Mooze by Erik Ryman

‘Doctor Mooze’ is a 10 year old boy called Panton, who decides to start his own blog. His aim is to get it onto the internet, so he can make money from the advertising, but it remains in diary form.

The early entries are as expected, with rambling mentions of TV, Christmas,  family, friends and girls. It soon, however, starts to take a dark turn, as Panton vows to get revenge on a boy who has taken ‘his girl’. His big brother Toto, with whom Panton has the usual love/hate relationship, soon starts to get involved, with some terrible consequences.

In a way Panton is a typical 10 year old, looking for someone to look up. Unfortunately, the people that he finds bring out a very scary side of him.. although I also couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

Towards the end of the book, there is a chilling change, as events really spiral out of control. This is a story which kept me reading, needing to know where it would go next – and since finishing it, it has stayed with me. Read it!

Visit the author’s own blog / Free e-book version

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One thought on “Doctor Mooze by Erik Ryman

  1. John Griffiths

    Yep, I’m the guy who completely edited, no … rewrote and redesigned the scrappy original text up to professional standard, and never got a credit for it … naive, eh?

    still, I enjoyed the experience… it’s an interesting story

    er, I can recommend it …


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