Dead Run – Erica Spindler

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“I’m in trouble, Liz. I’ve uncovered something . . . They’re watching . . . “

That panicked message on her answering machine is the last time Liz Ames hears from her sister Rachel, pastor of Paradise Christian Church in Key West, Florida. Compelled to uncover the truth about her sister’s disappearance, she heads to Key West. Within hours of her arrival a successful banker jumps to his death. Then a teenage girl whom Rachel was counseling is found brutally murdered. The ritualistic style of the killing is hauntingly similar to that used by the notorious “New Testament” serial killer — now on death row. Could the teen’s murder be related to Rachel’s disappearance? Is a copycat killer at work? And why do the police refuse to help? For answers, Liz turns to Rick Wells, a former Miami cop who worked the fringes of the “New Testament” investigation. Together they peel away layers of deception to reveal a terrifying adversary — and the unspeakable evil at the heart of this island paradise.

My Review

Erica Spindler really knows how to write mystery thrillers, and she’s well known for the twists she throws into her books. Dead Run is no different, the ending is sure to catch you off guard, and I have to admit, I didn’t have a clue the murderer was who it was. The story begins with Liz’s sister Rachel, a pastor in Key West, going missing. With the police claiming that she must have just got up and left, Liz heads to Key West to try and find out what happened to Rachel. When people suddenly start dying violently, Liz is positive it must be connected to her sister’s disappearance, but with the police brushing her off as a crazy woman, she decides to find out for herself what’s happening on the Island with a little help from Rick Wells, a local bar owner who used to be a cop. What they stumble into is a deadly satanic game, and when Liz starts getting death threats, she realises how serious it is.

The story was gripping and was full of action right from the first page. She writes fantastically, the story flows so well and is very easy to lose yourself in. The only reason I gave it a 4.5/5 is because I’ve read other books by Erica and know them to be even better than this one. I would definitely recommend this to Thriller fans, and would also recommend See Jane Die and Copycat, my two favourite books by this author.


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