The Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane

The Forgotten Legion

The Forgotten Legion

Set in a time when Julius Caesar was still fighting for power, this book weaves together the story of three very different men. Tarquinius is a warrior and soothsayer, and Brennus the Gaul is a feared gladiator – both have seen their own races attacked by the Romans, and have lost people they loved.

Romulus is a slave, along with his twin sister Fabiola – he is sold to the gladiator school, and she is sold into prostitution.

The first part of the book tells all their stories, pulling the reader into the various aspects of Roman life.. all of which is described in a vivid way. As these three men find their destinies drawing them together, they end up fighting in a Legion that takes them far away from everything they know.

The actual storylines cover a long period of time, and yet they are fast paced, with plenty of action. It shows the differences between the lives of the various groups and classes of people living at that time, including some now famous names.

For me, the strength of this book lies in the characters, their stories, and the way their lives are bound together.. to such an extent that I was sad to leave them behind as I finished the book.

The paperback of The Forgotten Legion is published by Preface in April, and will be followed by the release of the second book in the series, The Silver Eagle. I would recommend it to all lovers of Historical Fiction, but in particular fans of Wilbur Smith’s River God.

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