Vampire Apocalypse: Descent into Chaos by Derek Gunn

A while ago I was sent the first Vampire Apocalypse book to review, which you can read about here. I was looking forward to the second book, and I wasn’t disappointed.

To recap, the world is thrust into confusion due to a energy crisis, and it’s into this world that the vampires appear, after living in secret for years. These vampires are not the ones that have been found in recent novels, but are vicious killers.

In this second book, the vampires have split themselves into cabals, controlling certain areas of the US. There are both ancient and younger vampires, with their teams of thralls to keep control in the day light hours. Most humans have been captured, and under the influence of a serum, are being kept for food. A small group, however, are living in secret, and are fighting to free more – their latest plan is to cause confusion between two cabals, setting them up against each other.

As with the first book, this is a book about war, with the vampires adding an extra horror element. This makes for an action packed book, which doesn’t let up until the last page. Again, the human stories aren’t deeply explored, but there’s enough to add another layer of interest. The vampires are explored a little more than in the first book, and it is rather refreshing to find a return to the type of creature you would expect in as an ‘undead’.

Each book so far has wrapped up the particular story line it focuses on, but leaves it open for the next one.. I look forward to the next!

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