Death at Dawn by Caro Peacock

At the time of King William’s death, when Queen Victoria is about to become Queen of England, a young lady named Liberty Lane has her life torn apart, when she hears news of her father’s death.

Liberty was told that her father had died in a duel, while in France.  But although her father was unconventional, romantic man, she knows that there was no way he would have taken part in a duel.  She decides to find out the truth about his death, and her endeavours take her across the channel to France, and back again.  What Liberty discovers reveals corruption and deception at the highest levels of society…


I loved this book, as a terrific piece of escapism.  Liberty is a spirited and heroine, who is extremely likeable, perhaps due to her obvious vulnerability.  The story itself moves along quickly, with plenty of tension and atmosphere, and I really felt drawn into Liberty’s world.  

There are heroes and villains, and even a young Benjamin Disraeli pops up!  I knew I would enjoy the book after reading just the first page, and with plenty of twists and turns, I was kept guessing until the end, which was just as satisfying as the rest of the book.

A terrific read, which I would definitely recommend.

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