The Ringwood Tree by M S Stanley

When the entrance to an ancient forest is revealed, young Thomas Trenham’s life changes forever. Together with his sister Cassie, and their irritable guide, Tom finds himself caught in a fantastic battle of wits he cannot afford to lose!

The Ringwood Tree is a new fantasy book for children, but there’s enough to keep adults hooked too.

The beginning of the book shows great potential, with the reader thrown straight into the story. Professor Perkins’ character supplies plenty of humour, whilst the tale of the ancient forest and it’s inhabitants provides the menace.

Once the forest in entered, the story is told from the point of view of various characters, as they all become separated. The chapters are short, which is great to keep a young person’s attention, but each chapter switches to a different charcter, and part of the story, making it feel a bit choppy. I personally would have preferred each part to continue over a few chapters.

This small point aside, The Ringwood Tree has a lot to offer. There’s a brand new world explored, with an interesting mix of characters. I’m not sure what plans there are for future books, but there is an obvious potential to expand on the stories of the various groups and people introduced.

Tom and Cassie’s relationship is gently explored, as two siblings who learn to understand and appreciate each other, whilst coping with change and loss.

You can find out more at the official web site.

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