The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie

Amazon Product Description
An enthralling novel of mystery, adventure and romance

Before his death in 1609, the brilliant Elizabethan spy, astrologer and mathematician John Dee hid many of his papers, believing that the world was not prepared for the ideas they held. In spring 2003, Dees many times great granddaughter and final holder of the secret was forced to pass the enigmatic legacy to one of her two sons. Diana chose her passionate, tempestuous younger boy, leaving a tiny silver key with a note: For Will, when he is something, or someone, that he is not now.

Summer 2003: While seriously ill Lucy King awaits heart surgery in London, Will travels Europe seeking to decipher the clues in the ancient document, and find a lock to fit the key. It is a search that will leave him and Lucy inextricably linked. But Will is not the only one trying to reach the truth at the heart of the Rose Labyrinth.


My Thoughts


This is crammed with literary, mythology and fairytale references. These, mixed with religion, romance and a quest to unravel a riddle, all combine to make a compelling read. However, at times I found myself getting bogged down with too much information and instead of finding this a page turner I found myself needing to take breaks from it. It was an intriguing tale though, and kept me interested as to the outcome all the way through. I was disappointed to have guessed all the ‘twists’ way before the ending though. I’d say this is worth a read but not if you have anything else on your TBR pile.

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