Perfect Family by Pam Lewis

Synopsis ~

A story of a family secret with deadly consequences.When Pony Carteret is found drowned in the waters of Lake Aral her family is quick to accept a verdict of accidental death, but something doesn’t seem to fit: how could Pony, an able and experienced swimmer, die within feet of their exclusive holiday home while her toddler son played on the shore? Pony’s death opens a whole Pandora’s box of questions: who is her son’s father? Who was the man a neighbour saw arguing with her only hours before she died? What had she meant to tell William, her older brother, whom she had summoned to the house that day? William is absolutely shattered by his favourite sister’s death, and as he begins to challenge the official version of events he makes a devastating and very personal discovery. And how should he respond to Keith Brink, a stranger who spoke at Pony’s funeral, and has now begun to insinuate his way into the life of their vulnerable younger sister, Mira?

‘Perfect Family’ is the story of the Carterets who are anything but a perfect family, William, the eldest, finds out. Following the death of his youngest sister, Pony, William and the rest of the family are in turmoil. Jasper Carteret their father fails to recognise, along with his remaining daughters, Tinker and Mira that Pony’s death was suspicious. As the story progresses, you find out more of the family’s secrets, told in separate chapters with each character which was interesting to read because you were focusing on that particular character.

I enjoyed ‘Perfect Family’, it was slow paced but in a good way, leading up to the conclusion, you saw the family changing as the story progressed, in positive and negative ways, I felt quietly relived for the characters at the end.

‘Perfect Family’ is an engaging read with lots of suspense, an interesting story of families and the damage that secrets can cause.

Rating: 10/10

Review written by Gyre

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