Synarchy, Book One: The Awakening by DCS

Synopsis from back cover:

A plan is exposed, centuries in the making, and so sinister not even the legend himself could have predicted the depth of it’s impact on the world. In his lifetime, Stephen Terenzio had a merciless ambition for absolute power. Two generations later the shock wave he ignited was still being felt. Now, as the world inches closer to December 21st, 2012 sides are chosen, families divide, and an epic battle begins that will determine whether mankind continues existing in a world of lies, or shatters the chains that have held us prisoner since history was written.

Fast paced, never a page without some action – twists and drama galore carry the reader though this book like reading a hint of what is to come. While it’s an action-packed book, it’s not so overflowing that it seems without depth – what the novel does is provide you with an almost sufficent (yet sure to leave you wanting more) taste of the characters, the story, the style. It features a complexity which is tough to harness in only a couple hundred pages, without being condensed or simply losing the reader along the way. This book requires your close attention, but it will grab it and keep it from the very first pages. It is absolutlely impossible to put down! Any time you tell yourself ‘just one more chapter’ – it’s not enough. You know every chapter adds a new layer to the story and you’ll tear through it trying to find the answers!

This book has something for everybody – from alien races and a secret from the world, to the emotionally invovled dramatics and politics of relationships easily understood by any reader. It successfully reaches across several genres, blending the lines between them and appealing to them all in one fell swoop. Spanning several decades, several generations, several races of beings – and only scratching the surface. The novel will definately leave you wanting more because it just isn’t enough – after such a well-rounded introduction it will be interesting to see how the author develops the depth and layers of her thrilling world as she proceeds. Not even a world – but a whole universe to be expanded upon. Book one is titled: The Awakening, and an awakening it is indeed, to a fantastic new creation that I for one cannot wait to read more of.


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