The Silver Eagle by Ben Kane

The Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle is the 2nd book in The Forgotten Legion Chronicles, which started with The Forgotten Legion. This initial book spends a lot of time introducing the main characters, and weaving together their lives, whilst at the same time describing everyday life for the different classes at the time.

For me, the strength of The Forgotten Legion was within the characters and their lives, and so I was keen to see where they would go next. It can often be difficult when picking up the second book in a series – I want to be reminded of the storylines which have gone before, but I don’t want too much time wasted on this. In this book, Ben Kane seems to get this just right – my memory was nudged just enough.

In the previous books, there are quite a few descriptions of fighting. This continues in The Silver Eagle, but the emphasis is more on the politics, and the war as a whole, rather than individual battles. The various characters continue their journeys, both physical and personal, and it continues to be a series which keeps your attention.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the increasing mystical powers of various characters. Tarquinus is a soothsayer, and so his abilities suit him, but it was not something I expected to see in other characters. I do hope that this isn’t relied on too much in the 3rd book.

I understand that this is to be a trilogy, which I believe will feel about right.. I fear it could weaken from being a long series. As it stands, I am very much looking forward to the final part of this chronicle.

Published by Preface June 09
Hardback £12.99

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