Tell Tale by Sam Hayes

Tell Tale

A woman stands on a bridge, the water rushing below. In a few seconds she will jump, plunging more than two hundred feet to her death. Who is she? And what has driven her to take her own life?

Nina Kennedy, a wife and mother, is afraid. A man is following her, threatening her family, toying with her sanity. What does he want? And how long will it be before he strikes?

Eight-year-old Ava is waiting for her daddy. But, just like the others in the children’s home, her father never comes. The home is a place of whispers and shadows. But no one dare tell the truth. Until now…

It’s very difficult to discuss the plot of this book, without giving too much away – something I hate seeing in a review. The only thing to say is that it takes the three strands mentioned above, and blends them together, gradually bringing all the connections together.

If you’ve read Sam’s previous books, Blood Ties and Unspoken, you’ll have an idea of what to expect, both in style, and pace. Everything that I’ve enjoyed with those previous books carries on in this one, there was no disappointment.

Sam’s books are all thrillers – they are fast paced, and very difficult to put down. However, they don’t rely on being plot driven books – the characters within are always interesting and believable. As well as wanting to know where the story in general is going, I also find myself wanting to know what’s going to happen to the characters too.

If you have already enjoyed Sam’s previous books, I would strongly advise this one. If you haven’t, and you enjoy emotional thrillers, I would strongly advise that you give one a try!

Tell Tale is published by Headline

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5 thoughts on “Tell Tale by Sam Hayes

  1. Inver

    Sounds like a good read

  2. inver

    I’m thinking I read Blood Ties…was it a bookring on BCF?

  3. Jessica

    This review is perfect! I just finished the book last night, and wow, oh wow!! So amazing and gripping to the very last page, and word! 🙂 Sam has made me a fan, through and through! 😀

  4. Thanks for commenting Jessica – you now need to go and read Blood Ties! 🙂

  5. Katherine Heufel

    This book is chilling. A fantastic read, one of those books you are still thinking about days after finishing.

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