Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley

A lyrical and humorous retelling of the “Sleeping Beauty” legend. Brought up in a tiny backwater village, Rosie has no idea she’s a princess – and she doesn’t much want to marry the prince, either.
This is the third book I have read by Robin McKinley (‘Sunshine’ is my favourite).
Spindle’s End tells the story of Rosie, born a princess and brought up as the niece and cousin of two fairies in a small town, Rosie does not know she is princess, the reason? A curse was placed on her when she was 3 months old by Pernicia, a fairy who wants on revenge on the royal family.
Katriona a 15 year old girl from the town of Gig is chosen to attend the princess’s name~day where the princess is named Princess Casta Albinia Dove Minerva Fidelia Aletta Blithe Domina Delicia Aurelia Grace Isabel Griselda Gwyneth Pearl Ruby Coral Lily Briar~Rose when Pernicia interrupts the celebrations and curses the princess to died on her 21st birthday by the prick of a spindle needle. Katriona find herself rescuing and raising the princess as her cousin and naming her Rosie. Rosie has been blessed by various gifts by her 21 godmothers (a god mother for each of her names), not all of them helpful but as Rosie grows she finds she can talk to animals and as her 21st birthday approaches, unknown to Rosie, preparations are being made to thwart Pernicia.
I enjoyed ‘Spindle’s End’, there was something for everyone, and the folklore was particularly interesting for me. Rosie is an excellent character, she is everything a princess is not but at the same time not your usual feisty heroine, Rosie is just Rosie.
Another great book by Robin McKinley, I know I will read more of her books.

Reviewed by Paula Mc (Gyre/Heen)

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