Nellie Darling and the Legend of Nasty by L G Wilkinson

I am always picking up pieces of Hertfordshire puddingstone and therefore was delighted to come across a book that uses this piece of geology as one of its central themes. That, coupled with the fact that I collect books within books, made this a must read for me. I am so pleased that I purchased a copy as it’s a fabulous read and one that I am sure will enchant readers of all ages. The story starts with a group of teenagers chanting round a large boulder of Hertfordshire Puddingstone. Suddenly they find themselves back in time and it gradually dawns on them that they are now in 1857. They discover that Nellie is the Keeper of a powerful book that must remain safely out of the hands of the evil Boabahn Sith. As their adventure unfolds they encounter all manner of magical events and beings – amongst them vampires, witches, shape shifters and telepathy. The teenagers need to protect the book – and each other – as well as figuring out a way to get back to their own time.  To find out if they manage this you are going to have to read the book.  Believe me, you won’t be sorry. Wilkinson’s writing style flows smoothly along and the excitement slowly builds until the reader is unable to put the book down until the last page. (I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we hear of Nellie and her friends. )

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