The Lake House by James Patterson

‘The Lake House’ is the sequel to ‘When the Wind Blows’ by James Patterson.

‘The Lake House’ begins six months after the events in ‘When the Wind Blows’, the children’s lives have changed and they have been reunited with their families but the flock miss Kit and Frannie, the couple they consider to be their parents.

Again, the powers that be are after the flock for their own gain, it seems they have escaped from one terrible place to return to another one, with only Kit and Frannie to help them, what will become of the flock?
‘The Lake House’ was more exciting that ‘When the Wind Blows’, the flock could not trust anyone apart from Kit and Frannie, as the story progressed you find out who is after the flock and why.

The only negative I found in the book was Max’s refusal to tell Kit and Frannie the whole story, Max has trust issues for obvious reasons but I just felt that she should trust Kit and Frannie, apart from that, the book was a great read.

Reviewed by Paula Mc (Gyre/Heen)

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