A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Landon Carter is a 17 year old young man living in North Carolina in the 1950s. Through a twist of fate, he finds himself becoming friends with Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of the local preacher. Although Landon has known Jamie for many years, he lives in a different world to her, and has never really bothered to get to know her . However, as they spend more time together, he comes to know her, and gradually he finds himself falling in love with her. But Jamie has a big secret, which will change all of their lives when Landon discovers what it is.

On the plus side, this is an undemanding read, best suited to a lazy day curled up on the sofa. The story at its heart is sweet and somewhat old fashioned. However, reading it felt a bit like being preached to. There are a number of references and verses from the Bible throughout it, and the emphasis is very much on living in the way God teaches us to. It was also somewhat formulaic, and the big secret was pretty easy to guess from fairly early on. Not a lot of time is spent on characterisation, although this doesn’t really matter – the novel is more plot driven than character driven. Overall, not a bad read for a lazy New Years Day (which is when I read it), but I wouldn’t be rushing to read anything more by this author.

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One thought on “A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

  1. Sounds like a nice easy read Ruth, as you said, for a lazy day, great review. 🙂

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