The Hunger Games~Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

‘The Hunger Games~Catching Fire’ is the sequel to ‘The Hunger Games’ and the second book in the trilogy, the third book in the series is due for release (as stated on on the 24 Aug 2010 and on the basis of books one and two, I cannot wait for the third book. ‘Catching Fire’ begins after the events of ‘The Hunger Games’, Katniss and Peeta barely survived the games, and because of their final act to end the games, they are now under close surveillance from the Capitol and the terrifying President Snow.

Life has become easier for Katniss, her Mother and sister, Prim, they are enjoying the benefits of winning the games whilst helping families who live in the Seam which is part of District 12, one of the poorest districts in Panem.

As victors Katniss and Peeta visit all of the districts, facing the families of the children who died in the games, which is difficult for both of them, during their visit at District 11, Katniss sense a change, people are starting to fight back against the Capitol. ‘Catching Fire’ is as good as ‘The Hunter Games’, if not, better, you know the characters and you know what they have went through, you feel their pain, their frustration, their sadness as they become pawns again in The Hunger Games.

Initially the story was slow but excellent, building up the tension, you did not know what would happen next but you want Katniss and Peeta to exceed, keeping each other safe and their families and friends to be safe. You see how cruel the Capitol can be in their pursuit of entertainment. An excellent read for adults and young adults like, the story is brilliantly done.

Reviewed by Paula Mc(Weave)

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