Rebecca ‘Bea’ Dakin – The Girlfriend Experience

Synopsis: Rebecca Dakin – or Bea, as she is known to her clients, is an honest, friendly and vibrant woman. She is a fun-loving lady who oozes passion and is a slender, natural blonde. In short, she is every man’s dream… She specialises in offering what she calls ‘the girlfriend experience’. A date with Bea is a million miles away from the sex-fuelled romps that most people imagine when they think of escorts. She prefers longer and more relaxed dates and expects her dates to be a two-way thing. Here for the first time, a modern-day escort is prepared to put her name and face to her story and reveal exactly what she gets up to behind closed doors. Dispelling the myths and preconceptions that surround her job, Rebecca tells all – the glamorous, the grim and the downright hilarious. A frank memoir, with no detail spared, this book gives a unique insight into the intimate adventures of one of Britain’s most notorious escorts.

Review: A frank behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be an escort, specifically one that offers the ‘Girlfriend Experience’. The GFE entails more than just sleeping with a client, it includes a dinner date, maybe a walk or a show, and acting more like a couple. The book’s chapters alternate between memorable clients/stories and her life outside of escorting, with regards to relationships with family, boyfriends and friends.

For some reason I wasn’t expecting this book to be quite so frank, with regards to the sexual stories about clients, and intially I was surprised. But I quickly got used to the way the book was written and it was really interesting to read more about what happens behind closed doors when it comes to the escorting life. Some of the stories told made me laugh and others made me cringe, for example, when Bea went on a date with a guy who when eating, had fish all around his face. I would find that incredibly repulsive and think Bea is a better lady than me to put up with such disgusting manners! I also think it’s a brave thing to bring out a book such as this, because of the bad ‘slutty’ reputations escorts can have, but Bea shows it doesn’t have to be like that at all. An enjoyable read, although one definitely not for teens because of the sexual descriptions. If you’re interested in what goes on the behind closed doors of an escort, or are just generally curious, this is the book for you, it’s very open and shows you the warts and all aspect of the escorting profession.

Rating: 3.5/5

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