Awakening of the Dream Riders by Lynda Louise Mangoro

‘Awakening of the Dream Riders’ tells the story of Kyra and her friends, Lauren, Noah, Crystal and Ray.

The story begins with Kyra discovering that she can astral project and more surprisingly she embraces her new skill and quickly shares her news with her best friend, Lauren. Lauren discovers with some help from Lauren, she can astral project and as the story progresses they meet Crystal and Ray, twins, who can also astral project and have been doing so for a number of years and they have named their skill ‘Dream riding’, along with Kyra’s lifelong friend and neighbour, Noah, who has still to discover his skill (but he does have the potential) they discover the full nature of their skills and how they can use them for the greater good and avert future dangers, collectively they become ‘The Dream Riders’.

I enjoyed ‘Awakening of the Dream Riders’, I thought it was an original story and it was interesting finding out each of the group’s power. I enjoyed how the friends came together and helped each other and ultimately protecting each other.

‘Awakening of the Dream Riders’ is a well thought out, magical and exciting book which I am sure will become memorable within the YA genre.

Reviewed by Paula Mc (Weave)

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