Chocky by John Wyndham

‘Chocky’ tells the story of Matthew Gore, an average 12 year old boy until the day he begins speaking to ‘Chocky’. At first, his parents, David and Mary and his younger sister, Polly believe ‘Chocky’ is an imaginary friend, true, Matthew is a bit old to have a imaginary friend, they decide to let Chocky runs his or her course.

Chocky’s begins to affect Matthew in different ways, he is asking questions he has never asked before, completing mathematics problems that he should not be able to do. Matthew’s parents decide to get help and as they discover more, they realise that Matthew is under risk from not only Chocky but outside influences.

I enjoyed ‘Chocky’ but it is not as good as previous John Wynham novels I have read. The story is insightful if dated (I hated how Matthew’s mum, Mary was pandered to because ‘she was a woman’), and I did feel sympathy for Matthew because he did not understand what was happening to him and was very frustrated because he could not express what Chocky was and I felt as much he/she cared for Matthew, Chocky was not helping him in the long term. I remember watching ‘Chocky’ after school and the fact that another two series were made based on the book, is commendable but after reading the book, I do think they overplayed their card, one series was enough.

Reviewed by Paula Mc (Weave)

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