Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day by Winifred Watson

Miss Pettigrew is a down-on-her-luck Governess, who is given the chance of a post with the glamorous Miss LaFosse, a beautiful night club singer.  Miss Pettigrew has never had friends, never been kissed, and has had no fun in her life.  She is soon drawn into Miss LaFosse’s exciting life, and finds herself rescuing her new friend from unsavoury men, and attending social events and night clubs.  Soon, Miss Pettigrew is experiencing everything which she thought had passed her by, and she finds herself wanting to live her life to the fullest.

This Cinderella story is an amusing and wonderfully entertaining novel.  Miss Pettigrew is a very likeable heroine, and Delysia LaFosse is a wonderful character, taking the part of Miss Pettigrew’s Fairy Godmother, who shows her a life full of adventure and laughter which was previously unimagined.

The writing is charming and this was a gently told lovely tale, which was perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon curled up on the sofa.  It is populated with lots of colourful characters and amusing situations, with a very endearing central character.  I really enjoyed seeing the day through Miss Pettigrew’s eyes.

Overall, this is a sweet, old fashioned fairy tale, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

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