The Diary of a Would-Be Princess by Jessica Green

Waterstones Synopsis:

Life’s no fun unless you’re pretty in pink! All Jillian wants is to be like the princess-y girls who rule her class. What she doesn’t want is to hang out with a load of dork boys. But it’s only when her plans go hilariously wrong, that things start turning unexpectedly right…

This is a book that is aimed at young teenage girls but I enjoyed it. I assure you, I would have loved this when I was around 12. As a school assignment the class have to keep a diary for a year. this is Jillian’s diary. She is a girl who is on the fringe of school society – she doesn’t really fit in anywhere, but she would love to be a popular girl. This record of her year follows her as pursues her wish.

This was an easy read and fairly entertaining. This is a perfect book for teenage girls. Jillian has a life-changing year with many ups and downs along the way. She was a nice girl to read about and she really matured and grew throughout the book. I liked how her attitude changed and she became the girl to be friends with.

There were some fun events to read about – such as her garden party  and the trouble with her brothers. I wouldn’t say she reminded me of me when I was her age but the brother trouble I could relate too! I think she is a normal girl who wants to fit in and a lot of girls will relate to that. I think they will find this book encouraging but also fun to read.

This is definitely a girly book and a quick book to read. I read it in an afternoon. It was a simple, pleasurable book.

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One thought on “The Diary of a Would-Be Princess by Jessica Green

  1. Kathleen Dassaro

    Sounds like a great summer read for my daughter. Thank you.

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