The Séance by John Harwood

The Séance tells the stories of Connie Laughton, John Montague and Eleanor Unwin, individuals who are all connected to the bleak Wraxford Hall, a place shrouded in mystery since the disappearance of John Wraxford in 1821 following the death of his son, Felix in 1796 who fell from the gallery above the Great Hall. John Wraxford’s body was never found and history repeats itself when Cornelius Wraxford disappears without a trace in 1866, to the eventual disappearance of Magnus, Eleanor and Clara Wraxford in 1868, is there is something supernatural at Wraxford Hall, has Magnus Wraxford pursues in mesmerising and clairvoyance determined he and his family downfall?, Constance Laughton as the last surviving female of the Wraxford family is left to find out.

I was surprised by ‘The Séance’, it was definitely not what I was expecting, and having read ‘The Ghost Writer’ also by John Harwood, I prefer ‘The Séance’.

If you like a story with twists and turns, then this is definitely the book for you, you are constantly guessing until the mystery unfolds, I solved one aspect of the mystery which I was pleased about.

I enjoyed how the story was so realistic, even down to the chaperones that must be with single women when in company. Wraxford Hall is an imposing part of the book too, even when its not being talked about, you can feel it lurking in the background, its darkness, how decrepit it is, how isolated the place is, the fact that there has been nothing but unhappiness there.

An excellent story with memorable characters, an interesting setting with plenty of twists and turns.

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