Life Issues by Wendy Virgo


In this book, Wendy the wife of Newfrontiers founder Terry, has taken the words of Paul in Titus 2v2-5 as inspiration for a series of practical discussions for women on Biblical principles about building healthy marriages, homes and families. The book is ideal for personal study and also as a tool for use in small groups of older and younger women sharing together.

A short review for a short book I think all is needed. In this book Wendy hones in on a couple of verses in Titus to give women advice on how to be all we can be. She looks at a whole range of areas of life – from work to marriage to motherhood. Wendy is very wise and Godly and this shows through in this short book. So many issues are addressed in a coherent, sensible and un-patronising way. At the end of every chapter and section there are questions to ponder or Bible verses to look up. This interaction is helpful and helps on connect with the book and with what Wendy is saying. I read this is a day and it will be a book that I go back to again and again. It was helpful, short and easy to read. As a Christian woman I found this very useful.


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