Little Big Man by Thomas Berger

“I am a white man and never forgot it, but I was brought up by the Cheyenne Indians from the age of ten.”

And so begins the story of Jack Crabb raised by Cheyenne Indians (also known as ‘Human Beings’) named ‘Little Big Man’ by his adopted father, Old Lodge Skins and involved in significant moments of American history but his name never appears on any documents.

‘Little Big Man’ is the story of Jack’s many adventures and they are a joy to read, I have read ‘Little Big Man’ before and every time I read it, I learn something new about Jack Crabb, who is one of my favourite characters in literature, he tells it how it is, whilst at the same time choosing his moments wisely.

Jack has seen and lived through so much, while keeping his sense of humour and his very unique outlook on the world, he has seen life from both lives and is loyal to his own people and his adopted family, he knows right from wrong, which leads to the fight at Little Big Horn with General George Armstrong Custer.

‘Little Big Man’ is full of historical information which I enjoyed reading, its a very visual book.

An excellent read.

Reviewed by Weave

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