The Quiet Road by Annie Frame

‘The Quiet Road’ is the story of Frankford Lucas, a Chief Superintendent within the Police Force, Frankford has worked hard to become Chief Superintendent and wants to keep his job for as long as possible, he is very aware of how many people are waiting for his job.

Frankford’s story begins with a dream, a dream he has had throughout his life, a dream of ‘The Quiet Road’, a place that he always thought as good and a place of safety, this changes, however, because when he dreams of The Quiet Road this time, it has become bleak and frightening, waiting for Frankford is a shadowed figure, who has coloured circles on its cloak, a spirit appears and confronts Frankford and enters his body and he becomes the spirit and commits a horrendous murder. The dream leaves Frankford understandably unsettled and nervous but when he thinks about it rationally, he puts it to the back of his mind until he is confronted by the image of the person he killed in his dream, who tells him, ‘you were there’. So begins Frankford descent into a world he does not recognise, the dreams continue, each coloured circle represented another murder and now Frankford is investigating these murders which he thinks he may or may not be involved in.

‘The Quiet Road’ is an interesting read, it begins as a murder story and as the story progresses goes into a whole new realm which leaves you with something to think about.

Annie Frame takes a subject that she is very knowledgeable about and also has a personal interest in which makes the book more personal and very insightful.

‘The Quiet Road’ has something for everyone and as mentioned give you something to think about and the world around you.


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