The Girl with the Glass Feet by Ali Shaw

‘The Girl with the Glass Feet’ tells the story of Midas Crook and Ida MacLaird, both very different people who fall in love in the most bizarre of circumstances, Ida’s feet have turned to glass and she does not know why, she knows how they began, so she must return to the fictional St Hauda’s Land to find the only man who can help her.

It’s on St Hauda’s Land she meets lifelong resident, Midas, a man so consumed by his past he does not live, he merely exists, Ida and Midas are so different but they bring the best out of each other and open themselves up to possibilities with the time they have.

I enjoyed ‘The Girl with Glass Feet’, the relationship between Midas and Ida is shown beautifully and the descriptions of the animals and St Hauda’s Land are lovely and well written, you can imagine this harsh but beautiful place. As I said, I enjoyed it but I am in two minds about it (mainly because I was hoping the story would differently) initially it is a very slow read which might put people off but it is worth it to keep reading to read more of Ida and Midas’s story.

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